Web content at Greenpeace

I produced written, visual and audio web content for the UK arm of the international environmental campaigns organisation, Greenpeace.

My interest in environmental and social justice began as a fashion student, and cemented when I completed a sustainability-focused fashion MA. The chance to join Greenpeace UK’s web editorial team in 2022 for one year came just as I wanted to refresh and deepen my knowledge of the environmental challenges we face – and help with work towards meaningful solutions.

My role covered all aspects of website content. I developed content ideas, wrote and edited copy, sourced media, designed and built layouts, and did regular content auditing and maintenance. I upskilled in analytics and SEO, as well as basic audio production. I also guided guest writers and colleagues through the editorial process, providing direction to showcase their voices for online readers. Since leaving, I’ve also freelanced on a few print-based editing projects.

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Writing / Editing / Design


I researched and wrote a range of articles and webpages for Greenpeace’s key audiences. Some of this related to specific campaigns and direct actions; others to broader environmental topics and external hooks. For most pages, I sourced high-impact images and media, working with photo/video colleagues as needed. I also worked closely with subject matter experts to check content from a scientific, political or legal standpoint. Here is a selection of my published pieces.

Gentle waves contrast with swathes of rubble from a destroyed beach town, as it gets washed out to sea.

Loss and damage: who foots the bill for climate destruction?

Simple, jargon-free explainer of this key idea within environmental justice. Aiming to make the concept easier to understand, I got copy to ‘grade 7’ in the Hemingway app, while balancing with technical and political needs.

Giant slippery surface sign saying "Caution green wash" next to protestors wearing cleaning gear with mops cleaning up a fake spill.

Greenwashing: what it is and how now to fall for it

A beginner’s guide to greenwashing in simple language and SEO-friendly terms. This article was prompted by analytics evaluation of a previous article on the topic. I also created a short greenwashing quiz to mix up formats for audience interaction.

People link hands and hold up traffic to protest climate change. They wear red Greenpeace t-shirts and one person has a sash on saying "climate emergency"

I asked Greenpeace volunteers to define activism. Here’s what they said.

Volunteer-sourced thoughts on what activism means. My idea for this article was to show that activism can take a range of forms, whether or not you use the label. I drew on personal story as well as volunteer input.

Sunlight bursts through trees to illuminate a dark forest clearing

Climate anxiety: 21 resources to energise you into action

Fear, grief and anger are common (and healthy) emotions when facing climate crisis, but they can sometimes feel overwhelming. I pitched and wrote this article to provide readers with some resources to help them navigate eco-anxiety and eco-doom.

A person on an open road runs towards dramatic purple lightning cracking in the distance.

How to find hope in the climate crisis

A follow-up piece on mental health and the climate crisis. I wrote this article, rounding up 5 takeaways from a talk by climate psycologist and researcher, Caroline Hickman. These included ideas like “dancing not fighting” with your feelings and practising “radical hope”.

Aerial image of a road scattered with makeshift tents surrounded by flooded land

Summer of climate disasters

Article showing climate change is happening now – not something abstract in the future. I researched the climate attribution science for different heatwaves, droughts, floods and fires across the world in 2022. My work received praise for its rigour and minimal changes from Greenpeace’s chief scientist who fact-checked it.


Mentoring colleagues and guest writers through the editorial process was a huge – and very rewarding – part of my role. I took writers from a first idea to engaging and optimised article or webpage. My approach to editing is collaborative. I acted as guide for writers, to shape their voice and clearly communicate with their audience, in a way that clicks with online readers. I used a combination of discussion, verbal and written feedback, and line editing, adapting to their skill and confidence level. Here is a selection of articles.

Triple panel illustration showing factories, women sewing at machines and piles of waste.

How fast fashion fuels climate change, plastic pollution and violence

Feature edit of two-part long read by Helle Abelvik-Lawson. Part 1 dived into the problems of the fashion industry, from overconsumption and waste, to human rights and labour. Illustration by Sarah Tanat-Jones.

Triple panel illustration featuring a person repairing clothes while watching youtube, someone scrolling on a reselling app, and a sparkly wardrobe of audited clothes.

How to ditch polluting fast fashion for an ethical and sustainable wardrobe

Feature edit of two-part long read by Helle Abelvik-Lawson. Part 2 dived into the solutions and alternatives to fast fashion, providing a positive and practical guide to readers. Illustration by Sarah Tanat-Jones.

A patch of colourful wildflowers bloom in the middle of a grey cityscape.

When concrete starts to bloom: how UK cities are getting greener

Feature edit of an uplifting piece by Aiyan Maharasingam. This article rounded up examples of urban greening around the UK, covering bee bus stops, hedgehog highways, community gardens and more.

Group of young people at a protest. Slogans on their placards include: "Be part of the solution not part of the problem", "It's a beautiful world, let's keep it that way" and "There is no planet B."

The environment connects to everything, so our environmentalism should too

Feature edit of a piece by Sandra Ata, making the case for an intersectional approach to environmentalism. We worked on simplifying and explaining jargon as much as possible, to enable readers to understand the concepts better.

Kinder Scout: the northern edge

England’s outdated trespassing laws are harming people and nature

Marking the anniversary of a mass trespass, I edited 2 guest features on the right to roam. Jon Moses wrote about the state of land access in England. Maxwell A. Ayamba wrote about racism and countryside access, focusing on Black communities.

Seawater splashes up into the a bright blue sky, as a Greenpeace ship sails nearby.

In pictures’ photo essays

I produced a range of photo essays with photo editor, Angela Glienicke. I edited copy and helped refine image selection, so articles told clear and impactful stories. Examples include: 2022 year in pictures, a visual history of campaigning to save whales and 10 inspiring ideas for greener ways of living.

Content design

My design and digital skills were used regularly in this role. I worked on several projects that leaned into this, by focusing on accessible, engaging and streamlined layouts through careful design of content. Here are 3 examples.

Confronting injustice report

I produced the online version of a seminal report on environmental racism. My role focused on building web (HTML) report, as well as advising and helping graphic designers to make the PDF version accessible. I later ran training on content accessibility for the digital and creative teams, and pushed forward work on content inclusion for those with access needs.

Poems for the planet competition

I edited and designed webpages for a nature poetry competition, run with National Poetry Day in 2022. My work included content design of the pages and online submission form, to engage applicants and streamline entries for competitors and admin staff. The competition received over 2000 entries in the 2 months it ran.

Cost of living film

I produced a simple map and webpage so audiences could find local screenings of the ‘Cost of living’ film’. The page received 20,000+ hits in its first week of promotion, and digital campaigners praised the simple (and more budget-friendly) solution for their original idea.

I also made use of analytics and SEO tools to evaluate new and existing content, and develop strategies to improve it as needed. For example, I developed a plan and started content research for improvements and new pages on fossil fuels and renewable energy based on keyword research. The team was able to continue this work after I left.

Skills used

Concept development, editorial strategy, research, writing, editing, proofreading, content design, photo editing, audio editing, SEO research and writing, analytics, content design via template blocks and HTML/CSS,

Job title + dates

Website content producer

March 2022 – 2023 (maternity cover)

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