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Sømløse aimed to address waste and opportunity access, through a system design proposal that would expand CSR initiatives for an airline uniform specialist based in Denmark. We built upon two key opportunities identified within the company:

  1. Product quality & craftsmanship, compared to 1-2 year average use period of airline uniforms
  2. In-house production department, leading to an untapped wealth of knowledge and facilities

We proposed to re-route these discarded uniforms, and extend their life by remaking them into a secondary line of products. Sømløse framed this within a social entrepreneurship model, proposing to use the knowledge and facilities to provide training and skill development, and foster longer-term opportunities for local people.

This project was completed as part of Design Camp 2015 at Design Skolen Kolding. Fellow collaborators were Melissa Gutekunst and Stefano Prevosti.