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Whether it is constructing an identity, connecting with our senses or interacting in the world around us, fashion forms a deep-seated element of the daily experience. It has been interpreted, manifested and theorised in a multitude of ways and yet, its essence remains elusive.

Taking a dialogic practice1 approach, Soliloquy contemplated my personal journey through fashion to date, and attempted to rediscover a purpose in fashion making. Each item within the collection displayed related to the fashion design process and was further adorned with details of its “value” within this journey. Beside this, a wall held thoughts on fashion’s elusive essence and the audience was asked to contribute their own ideas to open up the conversation.

Exhibited in Fashion Futures Work-in-Progress show at Machines Room, London in June 2016.

1. Design Culture and Dialogic Design, Ezio Manzini, 2016
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