Au lazuli

Referencing gold as a chemical element (Au) and blue in art history (Lapis Lazuli), Au Lazuli explored the juxtaposition between surface and substance.

I took visual influence from the Arts & Crafts movement and 12th century Gothic Art, as well as reading around fashion and sustainability. I considered how these subjects appear ornate and flowery but have more facets when you go deeper. For gothic art, a strange-looking creature, for Arts & Crafts, a socialist core and fashion, a more profound impact on the world around.

The collection then interpreted the emotional durability theory and used little details to prompt greater longevity through the delight in discovery when you get closer.


  1. Lilac billow sleeve silk shirt with blue & gold pleated dress
  2. Gold silk and brocade shirt with navy embroidered panel trousers
  3. Grey shirt with deep lilac jumper and printed cotton jumpsuit

Skills used

Concept development, garment design, pattern-cutting, digital embroidery design, sewing

Photo credits

Photographs by Jak Flash, with assistance from Arturas Bondaciukas. Makeup by Alana Ashley. Modelled by Hazel Kari Marimba.