What I’m up to now

Last updated: 13 September 2023

Creativity and work πŸ’°πŸŽ¨

  • Job hunting – after taking a few months off, I’m now looking for a permanent role and taking on freelance projects in the meantime. Get in touch if you know of anything.
  • Freelance – edited an upcoming report for Greenpeace, proofreading a magazine for them too.
  • Continuing with my drawing practice.
  • Temperature blanket – progressed since the last blanket update, and I’m up to date as of today.

Personal life 🌿🌷

  • Health – main reason for my work break and still my focus. My aim is to flow with my natural energy patterns more often. I’ve made progress on insomnia and sleep issues. I’ve started journalling again to help with processing emotions. Regular exercise is the next thing I want to start doing.
  • Garden – mostly harvesting at the moment. So far: potatoes, tomatoes, runner beans and french beans, cucumbers, far too many courgettes. The squash are getting there. The cabbages got eaten to death by cabbage whites. The dahlias and cosmos are vibrant. The rest I’m letting go to seed to collect. Still much to do!
  • House – small, slow changes is all we have the energy/money to do, but I don’t mind that. Mostly, it involves a paintbrush and elbow grease. Sometimes it’s clearing and tidying up our stuff. Our next big need is proper wardrobes.

Inspiration well ✨

  • Book – Devoured Mandy Morton’s Hettie Bagshot series. “Lovely” and “delightful” are probably the most used adjectives in the books, which probably sums up their particular brand of British charm. A mostly light and silly read about a cat detective agency, with some dark themes at times.
  • Book – Shereen Daniel’s The Anti-racist Organisation. An insightful book, with lots for those in leadership to consider. Here’s a note with my top takeaways from the Anti-racist organisation.
  • Podcast – Maintenance Phase, which debunks the junk science behind the diet and wellness industry. Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes’ storytelling and analysis is brilliant. How they distill the likely mountains of research they do into clear narratives is no small feat. Also worth a listen is Michael’s other podcast with Peter Shamshiri, If books could kill.
  • Exhibition – Really enjoyed the retrospective of Roger Bamber’s photography I caught in Brighton in late August. How he used scale and juxtaposition to make wry humoured images is what strikes me most. The show has closed now, but the Guardian’s gallery has some Roger Bamber photos if you want to see what I mean.

Life in pictures πŸ“·

Fluffy ginger and white cat flops cutely on a cream sofa, hopeful for a chin scratch.
Goldie competes for my attention… and usually wins!
Vivid yellow sunflower petals unfurl against green, revealing a its dark centre.
Sunflower burst in early August.
From above, 8 green courgettes in a pile
Courgette overload 🫣 Next year, we’re having a strict one plant limit.
In black and white, Brighton Pavilion peaks out of leafy gardens, its domes point upwards to an overcast sky.
Snapped on a day trip to Brighton in late August.

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