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Lately: 2019

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Lately: 2019

Things have changed a lot since the last time I did one of these. And it’s a long while since I posted, so what better way to shake the dust off than 2019’s teething. Here we go:

Fewer tears, still existential angst, doing projects with purpose, solving my fatigue riddle with the sunshine vitamin, learning how to negotiate through working frictions, reclaiming time with mother nature, sowing some seeds and eating the fruits that grow, seeing more exhibitions, trying a new creative hobby, eating watermelon with friends, trying an oyster, visiting Sweden for a friend’s wedding, being bitten aplenty by Swedish mosquitoes, saying some goodbyes, packing everything and moving house, exploring another side of London, cultivating an indoor jungle, imperfectly trying to make more conscious choices, cooking some mini feasts, having surgery, recovering, considering new work directions, remembering my love of making, carving out a home studio, diying some home decor, signing up for a writing class, befriending cats in the neighbourhood, practising yoga and learning how to let things go.

I’d be lying if I said the last few years have been peaches and cream, but we’re getting there. Small steps, with time to take in the view.