Lately: 2016

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Lately: 2016

2016 teething, so far:

Tears, existential angst, joining a philosophy class, leaving a philosophy class, leaving my job, dating again, visiting friends more, focusing on uni, trying to get into yoga, saying thankyou not sorry, visiting my family more, cooking, riding my bike, reconnecting with lost friends, enjoying the sunshine, sending bad but hilarious selfies, cracking jokes, eating out, reading my horoscope, remembering you can’t be there for everyone, resting, putting down books that are too heavy, exploring London, experiencing what a relationship can be, going to Devon for my birthday with a bunch of my best friends, planning a European jaunt with Emma, realising that maybe fashion isn’t my thing, buying ice cream and eating straight from the tub.

Sometimes, it’s the little things all over again.

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