Leah Das is an artist, designer and writer who puts complex ideas into simple forms. Her work falls into two main areas: textile art and content design.

Art + textiles

Leah’s artistic work mainly uses textiles to examine our relationship with the material world. She explores the things that shape our everyday – be that design objects or social norms – and how they affect who we are and the world we live in. Leah pulls from her training in fashion design and sustainability, favouring natural or reclaimed materials, embroidery, fabric manipulation, and slow methods of making. Her work offers gentle approaches into deeper topics, often using humour or poetics to talk about subjects like nostalgia, beauty ideals, everyday sexism and more.

Design + writing

Leah also works in the nebulous world of content creation. Her skill lies in marrying voice with visuals to communicate information in clear yet creative ways. She draws on 7+ years of experience as a freelance designer and copywriter for independent makers, charities and civic institutions. She sometimes writes in her own voice too.

Now living in London, Leah writes and edits information for a national charity and continues her creative practice alongside.

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