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A Built Environment

In the old livejournal days, when times were simpler and the internet was a small excited child, one of my friends made an animated gif of a tree with our in-joke, “I lobe trees” on it. I was 13 then, and displayed it for longer than is probably wise to admit to now. But, we can say this was the beginning of my now blossoming interest in sustainability – and obviously, a fondness for trees.

Like any good soul who wants to infiltrate a field does, research is the start. When researching Thalia Warren, I found knitwear label Chinti + Parker. As a sucker for a well-made website and design that does not rely on its ethical tag for a USP, I made mental notes to check back when I had more time. And check back I did, to find a collaboration with famed design studio, Patternity.

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Season of Warren

Some time ago, in the frantic rush that was probably just graduate panic, I found myself stumbling through the blog on Kate Fletcher's website. An internet adventure that led me to discovering the Fashion & the Environment course – now reconfigured into the Fashion Futures course that I'll be undertaking soon enough. I mention this as a precursor to the post today, because I've recently been revisiting past work as a result of a prompt set a few months ago.

I'm a thinker, usually. I like ideas. Clever ones especially, that get me to question things I thought to be right and true. And one such idea, was presented in the collection of Thalia Warren, graduate of the 2013 MA Fashion & the Environment group.

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The Antiform Way

Handmade, indie, ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly… call-it-what-you-want-ism, the once offshoot field has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Beginning in 2007, Leeds-based Antiform are perhaps one of those earlier pioneers who - if you’ll permit me to steal cringe-worthy fashion language - dared to mix sustainability and fashion within the same sentence.

Made from reclaimed materials, all sourced and produced within Yorkshire; their clothing is a tangible testament that wearable, style-conscious garments can exist within a backdrop of ethical values.Yet in speaking to founder & lead designer, Lizzie Harrison (LH) and brand coordinator, Rebecca Atherton (RA), what jumps out most is an enthusiasm for community and creation.

With the launch of their recent Autumn-Winter 2013 collection, I had a nice chat with the Antiform team about their process, the planet and peppermint tea.

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