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Process: White Movement

Studio days
Behind the scenes of the White Movement collaborative project, 2010.

The Antiform Way

Handmade, indie, ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly… call-it-what-you-want-ism, the once offshoot field has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Beginning in 2007, Leeds-based Antiform are perhaps one of those earlier pioneers who - if you’ll permit me to steal cringe-worthy fashion language - dared to mix sustainability and fashion within the same sentence.

Made from reclaimed materials, all sourced and produced within Yorkshire; their clothing is a tangible testament that wearable, style-conscious garments can exist within a backdrop of ethical values.Yet in speaking to founder & lead designer, Lizzie Harrison (LH) and brand coordinator, Rebecca Atherton (RA), what jumps out most is an enthusiasm for community and creation.

With the launch of their recent Autumn-Winter 2013 collection, I had a nice chat with the Antiform team about their process, the planet and peppermint tea.

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As the last wilts of the old year fade, we begin.

We begin,
From the deepest crevices of our cores,
From the ashes of our thoughts,
From our emotions and our lives.

We begin,
Because we cry and scream,
And laugh and smile,
And every aspect of our human being craves relief.

We begin, because we cannot hold on any longer.
We begin, because we must.