Note Archive: February 2014

Process: Orbicular

A draping evolution
Making of a project about circles, 2010.

Process: White Movement

Studio days
Behind the scenes of the White Movement collaborative project, 2010.

The Antiform Way

Handmade, indie, ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly… call-it-what-you-want-ism, the once offshoot field has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Beginning in 2007, Leeds-based Antiform are perhaps one of those earlier pioneers who - if you’ll permit me to steal cringe-worthy fashion language - dared to mix sustainability and fashion within the same sentence.

Made from reclaimed materials, all sourced and produced within Yorkshire; their clothing is a tangible testament that wearable, style-conscious garments can exist within a backdrop of ethical values.Yet in speaking to founder & lead designer, Lizzie Harrison (LH) and brand coordinator, Rebecca Atherton (RA), what jumps out most is an enthusiasm for community and creation.

With the launch of their recent Autumn-Winter 2013 collection, I had a nice chat with the Antiform team about their process, the planet and peppermint tea.

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